Bourbon barrel-aged wine 1000 Stories was a stellar success for US producer Fetzer Vineyards, launching a series of similar products across the country.

1000 Stories’ enologist Bob Blue was the first to reintroduce wine aged in bourbon barrels, and the brand was a strong presence in the double-barrel category. However, with rising competition and increasing demand, 1000 Stories felt that their existing brand storytelling no longer gave weight to their name nor highlighted its craftsmanship.

Aside from using bourbon barrels, the wine is inspired by American bourbon production and relies on a small batch technique, meaning that each batch of wine differs in taste.

Fetzer Vineyards approached DAf to create a fresher, more contemporary key visual and brand video that gave meaning to the brand’s name, while capturing their attitude and bravely creative winemaking style.


A key differentiating aspect of 1000 Stories is that every batch made is hand selected and overseen by winemaker Bob Blue. While style remains constant, no batch is every the same. The brand also has a strong and emotive name, which we wanted to connect to and reinforce through the tagline.

Therefore, “Never the Same Story” was chosen to express the dynamism of the batch technique, while also communicating an inspiring message to the consumers—that 1000 Stories celebrates individual creativity, nodding to the American gift for inspired storytelling.

In this sense, DAf proposed that 1000 Stories become the wine both of and for storytellers, as a way to concreate a strong emotional connection with the product.



The foothills of Mendocino Country hold many tales
It’s why every bottle tells a story of bold wine,
Aged in charred, bourbon-oak barrels,
Individually numbered…according to the character of their batch.

Every one unique.
A novel experience each time.
Always unlike the last.

Because we like what our wines share,
But we’re even more intrigued by what sets them apart.
Never the Same Story


The typewriter in the key visual and brand video is a nod to the artisanal approach behind 1000 Stories’ small batch philosophy, as well as to the slow, deliberate work of the storyteller; an approach, that, while not easier, brings greater closeness and understanding between the writer and their work.

This vintage appearance of the typewriter reinforces storytellers and storytelling, while use of the whiskey glass connects the wine to its bourbon barrel-aged category. The direct simplicity of the shot gives it a contemporary freshness, expressing both the brand’s value for heritage and its forward-thinking spirit.


DAf traveled to California to shoot the brand video on location in Mendocino County, including in a Napa Valley cooperage to obtain an authentic bourbon aesthetic. We created a recognizably American, mid-century inspired literary look that harmonizes seamlessly with the world of bourbon.

This result was a strong look and feel that reinforces 1000 Stories’ winemaking and distinguishes it from other bourbon barrel aged brands. The brand video combines a number of elements integral to the brand’s character, from the winery to city bars, the majestic Mendocino county to the great American Bison; and the diversity of these shots reveals glimpses of the thousands of tales each bottle of wine holds.

Never the same story.


We’re waiting to cultivate your story.