Casillero del Diablo and Manchester United are linked not only through the devil emblem, but through the determined spirit that grants them recognition as global leaders within their respective fields. DAf’s previous campaign, “Make the Call”, went above expectations, exceeding three times the amount of predicted competition entries.

Casillero del Diablo wanted to build upon this success with a second global competition again granting a few select fans the legendary prize: the chance to play a football match on the hallowed Old Trafford turf. DAf was approached to create this global digital campaign, including videos, platform and a key visual.


The previous campaign’s instantly recognizable gesture and attention-grabbing tagline directly invited players to answer Old Trafford’s call to play at the stadium. In “Lift the Devil’s Cup,” we sought to create an equally memorable tagline and communicational gesture for the new campaign.


While travelling to Old Trafford is obtainable to the public, a chance to play a match on the turf is a once in a lifetime opportunity. To win the Devil’s Cup is to be a legend, for only a select few consumers of Casillero del Diablo are granted this experience. Our strategy drew upon the adrenalin of winning a premier-league match, embodied by the compelling visual of the trophy, symbolizing not only the act of winning a match at Old Trafford, but of winning the chance to play a game at the iconic stadium.



DAf travelled to Manchester to film a series of 30-second and 15-second online videos on-location at Old Trafford. The main video featured Manchester United stars David de Gea, Nemanja Matic, Ashley Young and Alexis Sanchez. It is supported by a series of capsules for social media in which players, including Chilean superstar footballer Alexis Sánchez, speak directly to the camera, inviting fans to enter.


Housed at the same URL used previously, DAf created a new interactive website for the users –

As the participants entered the competition, they received a digital Manchester United shirt with their name on it, ready to be shared on social media.

AThe site was translated into three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. Each country had particular prizes and was therefore programmed differently.


The campaign was launched globally, throughout South America, China and Europe. DAf implemented a digital media plan targeting Chile, Brazil and the Caribbean. Each market released POS material in support of the campaign.




The campaign has been launched worldwide. During the month and a half of the campaign, it obtained more than 500,000 visits to the competition page and a conversion rate of 29%.

Raise your glass, lift the devil’s cup.

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