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Catena Zapata wanted to create a new key visual for its brand, Catena Alta, a premium, 100% French oak fermented Chardonnay produced from grapes planted in two of the Catena family’s estate vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina. One of these vineyards, Adrianna Vineyard, is named after a 4th generation Catena family winemaker and is located at 5.000 feet above sea level. It’s the product of a terroir that cannot be found anywhere else in Mendoza.

DAf Creative Wine Agency Catena Alta
DAf Creative Wine Agency Catena Alta


Appreciating the rarity of the calcareous soils and cool climate found in the lofty conditions of the Adrianna Vineyard, DAf began to develop a range of creative key visual proposals that would emphasize the special nature of the wine’s origin and, at the same time, present Adrianna Catena as the family face behind the brand.

With a photographer based in Mendoza, we worked creatively alongside Adrianna Catena to develop a range of photographs in both the vineyards and the surrounding Mendoza countryside. The focus of the shoot was to visually capture the important role of high altitudes in the cultivation of Catena Zapata’s Chardonnay variety. In the final version of the key visual, Adrianna is featured high up in the mountains, her horse by her side and a bottle of Catena Alta in her hand. Her smile and relaxed attitude is inviting and contrasts perfectly against the stunning Mendoza backdrop that reminds the consumer of the wine’s superior origins.

The claim, “A high altitude American Chardonnay,” and the additional text, “From the Adrianna Vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina, at 5.000 feet elevation,” is a direct reference to the special quality of the terroir’s location at 5.000 feet above sea level. Further textual content was created to reveal the identity of Adrianna Catena, 4th generation Argentine winemaker – a way of emphasizing Catena Zapata’s long-running winemaking family tradition – and to offer tasting notes shared by a master sommelier, strengthening the brand’s positioning as a prestigious, superior wine.

DAf Creative Wine Agency Catena Alta


This key visual was carefully created to appear in specialist magazines focused on high quality wines. It was also used by Catena Zapata as a visual support in international wine industry fairs.

4th generation winemaker, 5.000 feet elevation.

DAf Creative Wine Agency Catena Alta
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