The Argentinian vineyard Catena Zapata is famed for its high-altitude wines. Together with The Winebow Group, the family-run vineyard asked DAf to create a storytelling and key visual for their high-altitude Malbec, explaining what makes it so different.

DAf Creative Wine Agency Catena Noble Malbec


The Malbec grape is steeped in history, dating back to the 1100, and was grown to produce wines for kings and queens. It also formed part of Napoleon’s prestigious 1855 Bordeaux Classification.
DAf loved the idea of basing a storytelling on Catena Zapata leading the renaissance of this Old World grape, which was almost lost due to the phylloxera louse. But something different was needed to tell such an epic tale. Instead, DAf wrote a poem to recount how Catena Zapata restored the high-born Malbec grape to its noble roots by planting it in high-altitude vineyards.


From this poem, DAf created a key visual featuring Adrianna Catena, the fourth generation of her winemaking family, gazing out over the high-altitude vineyards.
The image reflects the romance created by the poetic storytelling with a timeless quality, accentuated by Adrianna Catena´s classic clothing and wistful gaze away from the camera. Inspired, Laura Catena wrote her own poem telling the story of Malbec´s noble roots. It appears written across the skies, while the sloped vineyard highlights the high-born theme of the grape.


DAf Creative Wine Agency Catena Noble Malbec


DAf Creative Wine Agency Catena Noble Malbec


The client was delighted with the new storytelling for their all-important Malbec and the resulting Key Visual has appeared as a DPS in Wine Spectator. The plan is to use the image to further promote the vineyard´s high-altitude wines.

DAf Creative Wine Agency Catena Noble Malbec

Creating a legend worthy of the high-born grape

DAf Creative Wine Agency Catena Noble Malbec
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