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Ready for a dramatic change, Bodega Norton came to DAf in search of a 360 creative campaign that would reposition Bodega Norton’s entire collection. Internationally, Bodega Norton is currently recognized as a producer of quality wines, particularly within the Reserve range. In Argentina, however, present common perception leads consumers to believe that Bodega Norton elaborates just one type of wine: the entry-level Bodega Norton Classic.


To successfully elevate consumer perception of the brand in Argentina, we first began by identifying the brand’s personality. Careful, strategic analysis revealed that Bodega Norton began as an Explorer, a character trait rooted in the pioneering acts of its founder, Edmund Norton. However, under the leadership of the Swarovski company – a period of accelerated growth endorsed by a seal of leadership, passion and global vision – Bodega Norton has grown to become a Hero.

The Hero within Bodega Norton can be seen in the undeniable mark it has left worldwide. Bodega Norton is an ambassador for quality and winemaking know-how, inspiring confidence and admiration for Argentine wine across the globe. All heroes leave a mark, and it was this insight that became the strategic driver behind the development of our creative concept… a Signature.

From here, we set the ball rolling with the Bodega Norton storytelling….

DAf Creative Wine Agency Norton Signature Winemaking
DAf Creative Wine Agency Norton Signature Winemaking


Signature Winemaking is a storytelling that traces Bodega Norton’s growth from small producer of red wine in 1895 to the family-spirited international winery that it is today. It tells the tale of a signature… “BODEGA NORTON”… first emblazoned on the winery’s barrels by Edmund Norton himself in 1895. Even though the winery is no longer run by the Norton family, the Signature Winemaking story explains how each member of the team, from 1895 to the present day, has adopted the Norton signature as though it were their own.

We’re told about an “immortal signature” that lives on through those who pick the grapes, work the land, ferment, crush, blend and care for the wine as it ages and matures in the winery’s cellars. We’re told about a signature that connects “history with terroir, talent with passion”, and we understand that the Bodega Norton signature is the unbreakable bond of a team that will forever remain united in the pursuit of exquisite craft.

DAf’s creative writers worked closely with the Bodega Norton team in the development of this storytelling, fine-tuning the structure, tone and content at every stage. We wrote a storytelling that champions a collection of quality wines, not just a single, entry-level classic; a storytelling that places emphasis on teamwork, terroir and quality winemaking. It’s a story designed to change national consumer perception and celebrate more than 120 years of winemaking expertise in just two minutes. Enjoy!

At the foot of the imposing Andes Mountains, in the lofty surroundings of Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina’s finest winemaking territory, our passionate team begins to write… Grape pickers firmly carve out an “N”; cellar hands solidly engrave an “O”; winemakers boldly emboss an “R”.

With each letter, T… O… N… we remember the pioneering act of British explorer, Edmund Norton, who in 1895 first emblazoned his signature across our barrels. We think back to 1989 and the dynamic vision of Gernot Langes-Swarovski, a renowned crystal King from Austria, who fell so deeply in love with our expressive terroir that he vowed to share the riches of our cellars with wine lovers all over the world.

And as we continue to scribe, we are inspired by Langes-Swarovski’s son, Michael Halstrick, and his determination to realize his father’s dream. Under his leadership, our six-letter surname has turned into a spirited signature of strength and vitality, traced on papers, barrels and bottles, immortalized in the daily actions of award-winning winemakers, grape pickers, agronomists, cellar hands and managers. We are a vibrant collection of estate-grown reds, rosés and whites, sparklings, classic favorites and iconic Malbecs.

More than a name, BODEGA NORTON is an immortal signature that connects history with terroir, talent with passion. It’s a verifiable truth; a commitment to past, present and future, making us who we are. Together, we are Bodega Norton… a family-spirited team, dedicated to Signature Winemaking.

DAf Creative Wine Agency Norton Signature Winemaking


Happy with the storytelling’s concept, DAf began strengthening the strategic impact of “Signature Winemaking”, elevating the phrase to brand tagline in all creative communications. We began by developing the campaign’s first key visual and brand video with “Signature Winemaking” leading the way, designed to support Bodega Norton’s corporate presence at ProWein 2017.

To highlight the importance of the new tagline, our designers created a graphic seal that would reflect the contemporary elegance of the brand and, at the same time, represent the human element of a signature composed by hand. A personalized gesture for Bodega Norton, we carefully modified and refined the seal, inspired by the elegant calligraphy of the French painter, Cezanne, to retain aesthetic style, but ensure instant legibility.

DAf Creative Wine Agency Norton Signature Winemaking


The key visual was designed to dress the brand’s stand at the launch of ProWein 2017. We created a new color scheme, to accompany the telling of the new storytelling and support the brand’s desire to elevate its reputation as a quality wine producer across national and international markets. We worked with soft blue tones, paired with gold text, to evoke quality and reflect the natural hues of the iconic Malbec.

The simple claim, “A signature of terroir, talent and passion”, gives weight to a three-part visual: three photographs of three team members, occupied in three separate tasks of the winemaking process and connected by the simple action of signing the Bodega Norton name. In the future, the same key visual will be used as part of a global campaign.

DAf Creative Wine Agency Norton Signature Winemaking


Our production team travelled to Mendoza, the heart of Malbec winemaking territory, to bring the Signature Winemaking story to life in a one-minute brand video. With the storytelling as our base, we created a 60-second script, filmed original footage of the vineyards, cellars and key figures from the winemaking team, including Michael Halstrick, and then returned to Chile to pull everything together in the post-production stage.

The voice over recording and the selection of sound accompaniment was critical. We worked with a female British voice, deep and serious in tone, but with just the right injection of passion and pride needed to match the spirit of this Argentine brand. The music adds strength to the final result; a contemporary composition combining modern synthesizers with classical instruments, including piano, strings and winds.

Edited to incorporate the same blue tones found in the key visual, the video is rich in close-ups of the Bodega Norton team as they trace the Bodega Norton signature in vineyards, cellars, on bottles and barrels. These close-ups capture the rich sensations of pen to paper and chalk to vineyard post, turning the signature into a simple metaphor for distinguished craft and quality wine.


While filming on location, our photography creatives had the opportunity to take original photographs that our designers later used in the development of key visuals.

DAf Creative Wine Agency Norton Signature Winemaking
DAf Creative Wine Agency Norton Signature Winemaking
DAf Creative Wine Agency Norton Signature Winemaking
DAf Creative Wine Agency Norton Signature Winemaking


B2B communications, wine fairs and wine consumers all over the world.

A signature of terroir, talent and passion.


DAf Creative Wine Agency Norton Signature Winemaking
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