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Viña San Pedro Tarapacá (VSPT) produces a variety of brands, including Gran Reserva Tarapacá. When the team wished to update this wine’s brand positioning, they asked us to create a video and series of key visuals to position the product as “The Gran Reserva of Chile”—their claim for both the national and foreign markets.


Gran Tarapacá wanted to employ the product’s uniquely marked bottle to communicate the wine’s prestige, elegance and quality.

Knowing this, DAf developed a creative route that explored the use of the Number One, representing Gran Tarapacá’s status as the leading Chilean Gran Reserva. This concept was supported by four credentials. The first, that Gran Reserva Tarapacá has won awards since 1876. Secondly, its 140 years of tradition. Thirdly, that its quality derives from a unique terroir, and finally the fourth pillar considered how its distinction is symbolized through the specially-designed glass bottle.

A series of key visuals were designed, centered on a grand, gold number one surrounded by elements that reflect the brand’s four credentials.
A video script also celebrated the idea of being unique, singular. The brand video, shot on location, was a sweeping look at Gran Tarapacá’s heritage and promise of quality, all to reflect and support the claim The Gran Reserva of Chile.


The client was extremely pleased with the creative direction taken and the weight it gave the new claim. The brand video is being shown both in the Chilean market and major export markets.

A unique bottle, a unique story.

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