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How Wine Brands Build Online Communities



How Wine Brands Build Online Communities


As much as wine’s historic beginnings still inform modern-day storytelling, many brands are simultaneously looking forward and embracing the contemporary: online. From creating snappy recipes to pair with wine and Netflix, to interactive competitions and superstar influencers, here’s how wine brands are breaking with tradition and forming active, loyal online communities…

Connect to consumers

Brands have been present on social media for over a decade now, and a core part of online marketing centers on engaging with users on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. This isn’t merely to take advantage of targeted advertising, but more importantly to connect one-on-one with consumers; replying to comments and entering into a dialogue with them.

When wine brands foster this communication, it shows an appreciation for their consumers, which serves to build trust and loyalty. This is rewarded by increased interaction within the online community; a group now engaged and willing to discuss, share and promote their favorite wines.

After more than 10 years of social media, tendencies now shift faster than ever.
A compelling voice required

Digital platforms present brands with the opportunity to expand and elevate their voice. To do this, personality and consistency in brand voice are key.

Those with a strong, individual voice usually succeed best in galvanizing consumer interaction, establishing engaged digital communities and bringing to life content that consumers recognize as complements to their lifestyles and routines.

The consistency of voice further strengthens digital content. For example, in a series of social media capsules, the copy, voice over style, accompanying key visuals and relevant landing pages must seamlessly intertwine and be cohesive.

Strategic competitions + #WineSelfies

In the drinks industry, wine occupies the perfect position to captivate online communities. It’s fun and sociable while being sophisticated and intimate. A consumer’s choice of wine speaks to their character and lifestyle. Plus, there’s a wine for each moment—everyday or special occasion alike.

These elements position wine as the perfect product to amass substantial online followings. Savvy wine brands dig into this, touching base with their community through consumer-posted stories, selfies and photos.

Giving consumers an incentive to post garners an even better response. Wine brands can take advantage of their picturesque vineyards or sponsored partnerships to create prizes for those ready to selfie, hashtag and share. The right competition, paired with strategic planning, can generate tens of thousands of posts; shared and seen by millions across the world, proving greatly effective for brand awareness and engagement. 

In the drinks industry, wine occupies the perfect position to captivate online communities.

A learning-centered approach

The online world evolves incredibly fast, inviting consumers to tap into shifting, changing tendencies. Constant research and conversation with colleagues in different markets reveals new platforms, such as TikTok (Douyin in China) that are making local and global waves.

The call? To never stop experimenting.

We’re waiting to cultivate your story.